First Visit


When you’re looking for a new dentist in San Antonio for your family, you want to know that the dentists and team delivering your care meet your needs. At North Babcock Dental Care, everyone on our welcoming team is here to ensure your first – and every – visit meets your individual needs. That’s why we’ve put together this website for you – so you can learn before your first visit about what you can expect when you visit our team. If you haven’t explored the rest of our website yet, we encourage you to look around … after you’ve read about what to expect at your first visit.


Please fill out the easy-to-use, private, and secure Intake Form



The information on your intake form is an important part of how we deliver your dental care. In them, we ask for both your medical and dental history. That’s because there are a number of health concerns that will impact your oral health – and what extra precautions we will take when it comes to designing a fully customized solution to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. If you’d like to prepare in advance for your first visit, please fill in our confidential, secure online form. If you’d prefer your services in Spanish, please fill out the Confiencial in Espanol, Formulario Historial Medico Dental forms and bring them to your first appointment. ​

Our dental hygienists are gentle and compassionate professionals who truly want the best for your smile. They take a little more time at your first appointment to create a map of your mouth that will be used to track any changes that occur over time. This helps us provide the individualized care that you want and deserve for your family. Our hygienists are patient-education specialists who love helping you improve your homecare routines or answering any question you have about your oral health.

At North Babcock Dental Care, we use digital imaging technologies that are set to emit less radiation than traditional film x-rays. We also use something called an intraoral camera. About the size of a pen, this camera allows us to show you images of what we see while we examine your mouth. We use these technologies to create a baseline for your future needs and as communication tools to help you understand the condition of your oral health. ​

This is where you get to meet your dentists. Dr. Otto Herod and Dr. Luis Galvan are diagnostic and treatment experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve all you desire for your smile. Using a personalized approach, our doctors work with you to identify issues and plan any required treatment. If you have any concerns with your smile or even previous dental work, take the time you need during this appointment and we’ll help you achieve all that you desire for your smile.

Whether you require help with your dental insurance, need us to send out a predetermination of benefits, want to sign up for our in-house dental insurance alternative, or have questions about your treatment, our team is here for you. Our goal is to always help you balance your dental care needs with your personal desires and circumstances. Plus, if you have any questions after you leave, just give us a call. We want to help you love your smile. ​ YOUR DENTAL HOME Whether an emergency dental visit or routine root canal, it’s important to us that you feel at home at our practice and we welcome you to call us. It would be our honor to build a long-term relationship with you to help ensure you feel great about your oral health and your smile! If you’re looking to partner with a San Antonio family dentist, then we’d love to meet you!